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Due Diligence in Choosing a PEO Four Tips
Selecting the right PEO to partner with is a critical decision for your organization. You need to align yourself with a trusted player in the PEO industry. Here are some tips on finding the right PEO:
1. Find a legitimate and stable PEO.
Select a PEO partner that has been around for some time, and looks stable in its financials as well as in its systems. Look at their history and their credentials. Be sure the PEO can serve your employees in all geographic areas where you have employees.
2. Find a PEO that solves issues quickly and effectively.
The PEO you choose should have systems in place that give good service - and by service, we mean: direct access to someone who can answer your employees' questions and at same time have access to experts in all compliance related issues.
3. Ensure that the service provider meets all state regulatory requirements.
Regulations vary from state to state so ensure that the PEO you pick complies with the laws in your state. If you have employees in multiple states make sure that your PEO can easily handle HR for those states.
4. Find out how long it takes to transition.
Ask about the set-up process; how many days will it take? How much paperwork will it entail? How much hassle will you have to go through in the transition process?
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