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» Benefits of PEO Model
Cost effective solutions
The client can expect a substantial savings on its current HR administration costs.
Access to experienced professional
Staff of experienced professional act as the client’s primary point of contact and guides client through day-to-day HR challenges and ensure compliance issues are met.
Productivity gains
The client can achieve productivity gains by our routine and automated tasks, streamlining the business processes through work flow and eliminating the data entry work wherever possible.
Assured outcomes
Supported by clearly defined contracts, service level agreements and key performance indicators that are aligned to client’s HR policies.
Security and Transparency
All transactions are tracked, providing a complete audit trail.
Proven Track Record
Clients are at minimal risk while partnering with ACB considering our track record of quality of services delivered.
Real Time access of data
This is an optional facility given at an additional cost, whereby the end beneficiaries (employees) can access to their personal records.
Our flexible and cost effective service modules are conducted seamlessly and transparently, as if we were a part of your own organization. Whether it is complicated spectrum of the HR procedures of a national/ multinational organization or just setting up to start a newly formed organization, ACBPL is equipped with the experience and the expertise to handle both the conditions very effectively
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